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Twice Clamberers is intended for two players*.

The left player may use A, D, and W to move and jump their brightly-colored clamberer, and the spacebar to swing their comically-oversized mallet. The right player may use the left, right, and up arrow keys and the Enter key to do the same.

When the first clamberer reaches a new floor, more clambers are born**.

If the lava catches up to your clamberer, watch out***! It's OK if you lose a clamberer, there are probably luckier**** ones that got up to higher ground.

Each player's goal is to be the last clamberer standing.

* You can play it alone, though, I checked.
** Specifics available from your parent or legal guardian.
*** Or don't, it's too late for that one either way.
**** Smarter.

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Tags8-Bit, beards, duplicade, mallets, Multiplayer, Short

Install instructions

Download the zip file, linked below, and unpack it into any folder you like. Start twice win.exe.

Enjoy, please.

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twice win.zip 10 MB

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